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Down On The Pharm release

Down On The Pharm

new release   The latest release from Hook In The Ass Records, “Down On The Pharm”, will be available on October 3, 2019. Stay tuned to this website for pre-release access ! From Hook In The Ass Records, I wish you good tidings !  

New Album Cover

Greetings. As first announced in a post on Colonel Corn’s Patreon Page, there is a new album cover for his single release, “:West Indie Kah”. Already, Spotify and YouTube have updated their displays and information, and, the rest will follow. Here’s an image of the new cover : We hope you like it !  

Upcoming Releases

We’ve got some upcoming releases on Hook In The Ass Records. Albums already released : Initially released Dec 1999, Re-Released 17 April 2019.   Albums to be released : West Indie Kah will be released on May 17th,  2019.   Illegal Medicine will be released on May 27th, 2019.   I look forward to sharing …

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